As one of the leading fire protection solution providers, we strive to draw from our successful experiences in past projects and remain consistent in delivering excellent, high-quality and competitive services to our clients. From quality and safety, to offering novel solutions that meet international standards in the fire safety and protection industry, we continue to move forward by diversifying into other areas of the mechanical and electrical engineering industries, committed to achieving new milestones and becoming one of the leading turnkey mechanical and electrical service providers in the country.


At Jaya Sarana Group of Companies, we drive ourselves forward by applying the GRIT philosophy, deeply founded in the passion for long-term goals and a powerful motivation to achieve objectives. This perseverance enables us to consistently overcome various obstacles and hurdles we face as we move towards greater accomplishments.

We chose to adopt the GRIT philosophy as we understand that construction is a demanding industry within which many different trades work together to achieve a shared goal, and will always be inundated with challenges. We strive to have GRIT to overcome any and all challenges we may come across, and to ultimately evolve from being a leading fire protection services company into becoming a leading turnkey mechanical and electrical service providers in the near future.

Going above and beyond the call of duty;
Responsibility for all actions taken;
Integrity in every aspect of our business;
Timely completion of all projects